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Sep 09 2013

Confirmed Case of Canine Influenza Virus in Montgomery County

Town and Country Animal Clinic is STRONGLY encouraging dog owners to have their pets vaccinated against Canine Influenza Virus. There is at leastĀ oneĀ confirmed case and multiple other suspected cases of CIV in our area. Canine Influenza, the H3N8 virus, is extremely contagious and causes respiratory illness. Symptoms include persistent cough, fever, nasal discharge, lethargy, anorexia, and occasional death. The virus is passed via direct contact with an affected dog, airborne droplets from a cough or sneeze, or contaminated surfaces (e.g. hands, clothing, etc…)

The dogs at highest risk for infection include pets who board or kennel, those who visit groomers, dog parks, pet stores, doggie daycare, or any other high canine traffic areas including shows, trials, and rescues. If you have any questions about whether your dog is at risk, please call the clinic.

Initially dogs will receive a series of two Canine Influenza vaccines, two weeks apart. Then vaccine is then boostered annually. Please telephone the clinic to set up a technician appointment if your dog is at risk.

For further information on Canine Influenza virus, please visit

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