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Wendy Walker/ Town and Country,  have taken care of my animals since she and Sara purchased it in 1990. Over the years Wendy has treated all of my dogs (8) and cats (5). She honestly cares about all animals and will try everything to better their heath. She has a direct line to the University of Michigan Veterinary College and a test she cannot do in house gets sent out. She is on the leading edge of Lyme disease and lectures and teaches about it.

My oldest dog Garbo, I was sure would not make it thru the first big snow, but with Wendy’s help and encouragement it is now late August, and she still can catche her Frisbee, I can hardly believe it. I don’t how much time she has left, but she is with me. I have Wendy to thank for that every day.

Owning a animal is a big thing in some peoples lives. They are such a joy, and bring us so much love, but when they are sick or hurt you need somebody that you can trust to take care of the ones you love. In my case it has been Wendy Walker and the crew a Town And Country

Nicholas C. Wilson