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most conscientious care-takers of my pets’ health

In the approximately twenty years since I have been fortunate enough to have found Town and County Animal Clinic, I have had a number of cats and dogs.  For each and every one of them, Drs. Walker and Moran have been the most conscientious care-takers of my pets’ health.  I have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, while at the same time, I could not ask for more empathetic caring.  It is because of these reasons that I choose to drive from Potomac to Olney for my pet’s care.
The support staff is likewise caring, professional, and responsive.  They never seem to tire of my concerned questions, my numerous calls, and my need to re-schedule appointments because of elderly care demands.    Most of my “pet friends” laugh at me but it’s true:  my furry family loves to go to the clinic.  Seriously!  I suspect that’s because they have been treated well there, and they seem to sense that the clinic helps them to feel better.
I have also been a delighted adopter through Town and County Animal Clinic of cats and dogs that have been relinquished to the clinic, and each pet I have adopted through them as brightened my life.

Jackie House